Our Natural Ingredients

1. Organic Cotton

To make an ecodoekie, we start of with organic GOTS certified cotton. We use unbleached cotton, so sometimes you might find some small black spots on our ecodoekies, see them as nature's freckles.

2. Natural Dye

Organic cotton is nice, but we want some colour in there. That's why we colour our cotton using different natural dyes: indigo for blue, kurkuma for yellow and rose matter for ruby ecodoekies.

3. Beepower

To give ecodoekies their antibacterial and foil like qualities, we cover them with a mix of 4 ingredients: beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil and resin. We were shocked to find out that biological beekeepers are rare in Holland. Luckily, we found a biological beekeeper "De Oase", who was sweet enough to share some of his wax with us!

4. Jojoba Oil

Sounds exotic, and it is. It's won from the seeds of the Jojoba plant with an organic SKAL certificate. Back in the day, native Americans would use it to treat sores and wounds.

5. Dammar Resin

Dammar Resin is the protective cover and helps our ecodoekies stay sticky and battle filth. The resin is won from Damar trees. These trees are seen as a way to prevent deforestation and conversion of forest into palm oil plantations. 

6. Sexy Packaging

After our ecodoekies are made, they themselves are wrapped in our cardboard packaging. We use cardboard from recycled fibers and natural vegetable ink to create our designs. Then they are all done and send to your home. Ready to cover bowls, pots and pans. Ready for you to enjoy.