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Alles over ecodoekies

We hebben geprobeerd om alle veelgestelde vragen hieronder te beantwoorden, maar mocht je vraag er niet tussen staan twijfel dan niet en stuur ons een berichtje!  


What are ecodoekies?

Ecodoekies are organic beeswax wraps. It is an all-natural sustainable alternative for single use plastic or aluminium foil. They are ethically made, plus they are hand-made and dyed in Amsterdam. 


What kind of cotton are the made of?

Unbleached GOTS certified cotton.


Why are ecodoekies tie dyed?

Because it is the trend of 2021.. And we think it is important to know how your products are made and when they are safe to use. That is why we choose to make them ourselves. We use unbleached cotton. After we wash the cotton we dye it by hand with all natural ingredients. We use Turmeric for yellow, Indigo for blue, and the root Madder for pink-orange. These ingredients are safe to use and don’t harm the environment in the dying process. After the dyeing process the ecodoekies get another good wash before production begins.


How do Beeswax Wraps work?

Easy. Unwrap them and use your hands to wrap your ecodoekies around the object you want. The warmth of your hands helps to mould the beeswax wrap and because of the damar resin it will cling and seal your item.

When it is cold Wax Wraps can become harder. The best way to handle this is to massage them with your hands so that they become a bit warmer. They should then be more manageable and will wrap and stick again. If not, let us know!


Why are beeswax wraps so great?

Besides being the sustainable alterative for plastic, beeswax is also an all-natural, nontoxic substance. The beeswax and the coconut oil have antifungal and antibacterial properties. They help keep things clean and reduce risks of contamination.

Beeswax is also waterproof but still breathable. This means that it is protecting your food from getting wet or wilted while locking in moisture, flavour and freshness.


What are ecodoekies made of?

Ecodoekies are made of organic GOTS certified cotton, biological Dutch beeswax, sustainable harvested damar resin, organic coconut oil and organic jojoba oil. The dye we use is Turmeric, Indigo and roots of the Madder plant.


Why do you use Damar Resin instead of Pine Resin in the wax mix?

In our wax mix we use only Damar Resin. We do this because there are almost no people allergic to Damar Resin opposed to Pine Resin. Damar Resin is eatable and non- hazardous. Pine Resin is classified as hazardous, so that is one of the main reasons why we choose to use Damar Resin instead of Pine Resin. The other big reason is that almost all Damar trees are grown sustainable in Indonesia and help in the fight against deforestation in Indonesia because they give the farmers sustainable income.


Why are there little brown and black flecks in the wraps?

We use unbleached certified organic cotton for the wraps. No dyes or bleaches were used in the preparation of the fabrics. The fabrics are free from any chemicals, because of this you can often see the little brown and black flecks that are normally present in cotton. No worries! They are normal and are first quality.


Why are the ends in Zigzag cut?

The zigzag edge gives a bit of extra cling. And stops the ends from frying. 

We try our utmost to make every wax wrap the best it can be, because our products are literally hand-made every wrap is unique.


How do I take care of my ecodoekies?

After use, wash your ecodoekies with mild dishwashing soap and cold or hand warm water. After this you can let it hang to dry or let it dry in your dishrack. You can store your wrap in a drawer or on the counter.

To keep your Ecodoekies lasting long you can refresh them and put extra wax on every few months. You can use the premixed waxblock and read the “DIY beeswax wrap” for the process.


How long will beeswax wraps last for?

Beeswax wraps can last up to a year or even longer with proper care. After use you will start noticing a few creases where it has been folded, this is just the natural stage of ageing. Your wrap will still work just as well, we recommend maintaining your ecodoekies by refreshing it every month if you use your wraps regularly. In the end you can use your ecodoekies to light the fireplace or throw it in the compost bin.


Can I put my ecodoekies in the freezer?

Sure! Great for freezing breadrolls.


Owow.. I’ve washed my ecodoekies with hot water, what now?

Save and refresh! The wax that crumbled off, together with fresh wax you can put on again.


Does the smell of honey get into my food?

No, the ecodoekies smell like honey because the beeswax is a big component in the mix. This smell will wear off by use.


What sizes ecodoekies are available?

At the moment we have 4 sizes.

  • Small Beeswax Wrap 20cm x 20cm
  • Medium Beeswax Wrap 30cm x 30cm
  • Large Beeswax Wrap 35cm x 35cm


Who makes the ecodoekies?

We make all ecodoekies ourselves. We make them by hand. So sometimes… things can go wrong. But hey that is life ;) If it happens to you shoot us a message and send your ecodoekies back. Then we send your ecodoekies some brothers & sisters.